Regular Checkups Is Necessary to maintain Good Health

Health care providers such as doctors play an important role in people’s lives. On a repeated basis, doctors advise people to monitor their health at regular intervals. The busy schedule that one lead can put the health at great risk. However, a regular visit to the panel physician can minimize the risk by getting the complete medical report. They can make a great difference and help people to lead a healthy life or a poor one.

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Visiting a Doctor: A Necessity

Some might agree with the fact that a simple visit to the physician or doctor can help to detect diseases on time and treat it on time. For instance, if a person suffering from cancer gets detected at an early stage through necessary health screening, it can be treated and cured. Hence, for health check-ups visiting a doctor becomes necessary.

Quarterly or Yearly Health Check-Ups

If one is looking forward to a healthy and happy life, one should visit a doctor on a quarterly and yearly basis to get the complete medical report. As stated above, during the health check-up, doctors can suggest necessary tests that can detect any form of ailment that a person might go through. Even diseases that might put the life of the patient at risk can be avoided.

At present, regular health check-up is widely appreciated all over the world. After all, regular screenings and health check-ups can also detect disease before it can start. Moreover, the chance of getting cured completely increases when a disease is detected at an early stage. It is especially true for cancer. Early cancer detection can make a great difference in getting cured and continuing a long battle.

Detecting Problems at an Early Stage

Regular health check-ups can detect a wide range of health problems, such as high blood pressure, weight problems, hypertension, depression, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and more problems. During the routine visits to the doctor, one will be able to understand the importance of maintaining one’s health by checking the complete medical report. Moreover, it would help to assess the state of well-being of the person.

Studies have shown that doctor during annual health screenings goes through the family history of the patient. Sometimes counselling might be provided in case the patient seems a bit stressed out. Hence, if a person holds the chance of suffering from potential health problems, it can be addressed. Thereby, after going through the family history and tests, treatment for the ailment that gets detected becomes very smooth.

Healthy Individuals Also Need To Go For Checkups

Healthy individuals might think whether there is any need for them to visit a physician and book a date for a complete health screening. Well, the answer is a big yes. Even healthy adults should go for quarterly or yearly health screenings. Experts state that a complete body check-up is necessary for everyone, whether it’s a healthy person or a person who suffers from poor health. After all, even after being healthy, a person might suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When doctors are able to detect any health issues at an early stage, further deterioration of health can be avoided. Health check-up package usually includes blood tests, X-Rays, precautionary screenings, and medical examinations. It would help doctors to assess the present health status of their patient as well as the risks. If any health issue gets detected, a doctor can suggest treatment plans. Following the treatment plan can avoid further health issues.

Benefits of Check-Up

Regular health screenings by a doctor can offer the following advantages. They are:

  • Help patients to remain up to date about their health.
  • Detect stress-related health issues.
  • It can lower the cost of healthcare and linger treatment.
  • Thwarts diseases at an early stage before it can become dangerous.

Some diseases can be dangerous and their progress becomes hard to track down if not diagnosed at an early stage. Hence, patients’ would be able to avert life-threatening diseases with regular health checkups and complete medical reports.

Cannabis & Cancer: Cause, Cure, Conundrum

An important debate which has been taking place all over the world is whether cannabis is able to cure cancer or not.  Many people suffering from cancer are always on the lookout for the best possible treatment for cancer. Even though the medical fraternity is asking cancer patients to go for the traditional form of treatment, i.e. chemotherapy, still many people are not able to carry the long chemotherapy sessions. Thus, for some people cannabis oil cancer cure is regarded as the best alternative solution.

cannabis oil cancer cure

Cannabis Treatment for Treating Cancer

Numerous medical research and scientific studies are suggesting that cannabis oil can be regarded as the perfect natural cure for cancer. Even many oncologists are asking cancer patients to opt for cannabis oil along with the conventional treatment process.

What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a form of concentrated cannabinoids that is got from the plant called Cannabis Sativa. The oil is extracted via solvent extraction. Basically, the sativa strain is soaked into the solvent which gradually absorbs all important cannabinoids in it. Once the solvent is strained and heated, it leaves behind the important compounds in them. The volatile form of the oil can be used topically or vaporized or ingested orally or taken in the form of injection.

Cannabis Can Help In Treating Cancer

Some argue that cannabis oil cancer cure is not suitable. However, for the time being, one needs to set aside the topic that cannabis being obtained from marijuana is not at all safe. But if one takes a close look into the cannabis oil, one can see the oil contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD in them, which is responsible for curing cancer by inhibiting its growth.

cannabis oil cancer cure


Tumor suppression genes can signal cells to stop growing. Cancer cells go through numerous stages and they usually divide and multiply to become tumor. The cause of cancer can be tobacco smoking, ionizing radiation, etc.


Cannabis Cures Cancer

Studies have shown that THC during the cannabis oil cancer cure gets connected to the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptor cells. It causes an increase in the ceramide synthesis level. This brings in the death of the cancer cells. The real cause of the death of cancer cells is because of the cytotoxic chemicals, i.e. slight shift of the mitochondria.

Usually, the role of mitochondria is to produce energy. Due to genotic stress, it enhances the permeability of the mitochondrial membrane to cytochrome C. Thus, the cannabis oil causes Cytochrome C to be removed from the mitochondria. When the source of energy for the cancer cells gets killed, the cell eventually dies.

The best thing about cannabis oil cancer cure is that the genotic stress causes protein p53 in cancer cells. This protein is responsible for disrupting the calcium metabolism of the mitochondria. With the digestive system getting disrupted, the pro-survival pathway for the cancer cells blocked. It helps to kill the cancer cells.

Many cancer patients are using cannabis oil cancer cure in order to treat their cancer. The oil can also provide cure for cancer related side effects, such as inflammation, pain, etc and help one to lead a healthy life.