Losing fat from the body: Some healthy tips and guidelines

New Year is soon approaching us and many people are worried about choosing a resolution for the New Year’s Eve. One such resolution is always related to health and fitness. Everyone wish to invite a healthy lifestyle which is full of fitness habits. In the same context, some essential knowledge is necessary to understand every aspect associated with weight-loss. Don’t burn your lean mass since it is not associated with the fat percentage. Well, many people stand in a confused state about lean mass and body fat. In the article, you’ll get to interact with these two terms deeply.

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The increasing body fat percentage is not inviting any health benefits. Instead, everyone is aware of the bad impact on health when the body fat percentage stands in a high position. With such a scenario, a major question asked by many consumers is – How much fat is necessary to reduce from the body? It is important to know that any person should only reduce 1 or 2 pounds within a particular week.

In the context of fat percentage in the human body, any detailed study or investigation doesn’t exist which might give light on some guidelines. Though, a Toronto dietitian agrees with the fact that a 1 percent reduction in the body fat monthly stands in a safe section. Further, one should be well-aware about certain body-fat measurement methods may result in error responses. However, it is good to check the fat percentage deduction after practicing for several months.

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Reducing the fat percentage of the body

When working out heavily for losing weight, it should be noted that it would not result fully in reducing the fat percentage since it can also lead to a reduction in the lean mass. In case, you’re willing to lower down your fat percentage, a proper diet should be adopted in the beginning. A Toronto dietitian suggests doing exercises related to cardiovascular. In addition, it is important to raise up your lean mass level. When you’re involved in the “resistance training” and assuming that your weight-loss is emerging from the fat, it is easy to keep an estimation regarding how much reduction is needed in your weight for reaching an ideal percentage of body fat!

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Ideal body weight = lean mass/ 1 – ideal fat percentage

Let’s understand the formula

Ideal weight = What will be your weight when you reach an ideal fat percentage!

Lean mass = What is the amount of lean tissue present in your body (what is not categorized as fat comes under the category of lean)!

Ideal fat percentage = What is the fat percentage you wish to attain!

A Toronto dietitian gives advice that the fat percentage in the body differs among men and women since women need a high percentage of fat for the purpose of grabbing potential to bear the menstruation process and give birth to children. So, men need a less percentage of body fat as compared to women.